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Quality Control

We Maintain Quality Management

Quality Policy

PARTH Industries strives to achieve complete customer satisfaction by consistently matching or exceeding expectations. We aspire to be an innovative, responsive supplier of the best quality products, with the world as the market. We dedicate ourselves to continual improvements in product quality and customer service through...

  • Updating & Implementing Material & Process Innovations to maintain & improve product quality & consistency.
  • Researching improvements to add to the quality standards of the products.
  • Providing our units with the latest equipment's & procedures complying with international standards
  • Continuous improvements in unit operations, processing systems & logistics, to optimize the manufacturing process & yield maximum output.
  • Motivating & Training the staff to improvise on the process and quality control systems.
  • Conducting internal quality audits and reviews for an ongoing evaluation, validation and improvement of the quality control systems.
  • Customers are a key source of feedback on quality and product performance, we welcome suggestions and constructive criticism, which forms the basis of improvements.

Research & Development

The company invests regularly in research and development systems to improve the quality and performance of the products. The engineering forms the core essence of the company’s research and engineering wing. The use of modern scientific techniques includes design and analysis of products using CAD/CAE systems, Optimization of material handling techniques, manufacturing greener and logistics systems leaner and efficient logistics.

Continuous research and development activities improve the quality standards of the products. These methods feed our business operations with the latest techniques and procedures complying with international standards.

Quality Objectives

  • Consistently delivering quality products matching the set specifications, contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • Keeping our products & services to provide Value for Price & Cost-Effective as per the application, customer & market needs.